Orangutans: He can talk!

Troy: And I can siiiiiiiiiiing!

Bienvenidos a mi casa de citas. Let me show you around, maybe play you a sound.... I see you shiver with anticipation.

Still twentysomething, my name´s not Víctor.

I alternate Spanish and English for no good reason, though most of my quotes (this man´s favourite sport blog-wise) are in Spanish. If you only want those occasional posts (or extended comments) in English click here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/elperrodepaulov/tag/in+english

I like smart people and things. If not smart, let it be funny and/or sexy. Stimulation is the word. "Un pensamiento es como una erección" (Octavio Paz)

Special skills: to make a long story short and to make a short story long.

"Empecemos de nuevo desde el principio, Jeff. Dime todo lo que has visto y lo que crees que significa" ("La ventana indiscreta" Alfred Hitchcock)

"Ser astutos como serpientes e inocentes como corderos" (Evangelios)

"Expulit elleboro morbum bilemque meraco" (Expulsa con eléboro purificado las enfermedades de la bilis)

"Non stuzzicate la zanzara" /"Noli irritare crabrones" (R. Descartes)

"Morir por las ideas, de acuerdo, pero de muerte lenta" (G. Brassens)

"Well, when I was a young man never been kissed/ I got to thinkin' it over how much I had missed" (Beat Happening “Revolution come and gone”/ The Weavers “Kisses sweeter than wine”)

"Frank: A mental mind fuck can be nice." (RHPS)

"Dejémonos llevar por la deliciosidad" (Homer)

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